Covid 19 Updates

Telephone and Email Fraud

Telephone and Email Fraud

I am writing to you today to discuss the increase in fraud we are experiencing nationally and locally. Two of the most reported scams are individuals identifying themselves as Social Security officials through telephone calls and emails. The second is individuals...


Please let your friends and neighborhood business owners know about this opportunity for assistance with their business. Thank you, Bill Peeler Mayor For Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations Mohawk Valley Economic Development District, Mohawk, New York, will...

National Grid Files Proposal for up to $50 Million in COVID-19 Relief

Important Updates and Resources for COVID-19

We want to update you with some informational resources to know where to go for information and who to contact for additional information. The COVID-19 Pandemic is a very "hot topic" for many people with differing opinions. Therefore, it makes it our "personal...

Dedicated to assisting our residents and customers, the Village of Fonda Provides this information to navigate the pandemic known as Coronavirus (COVID 19).

Message from the Mayor
I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

As the Mayor, I want to assure you that we are doing all that we can to keep our community moving forward. The only thing worse than overreacting to a situation is underreacting and not meeting the needs of our people, so they stay safe and healthy.

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If I may be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate in emailing me,

We will update the information to our website as soon as it is received and confirmed. Whenever possible, we will send you directly to the source of information supplied to overcome confusion.

Thank you, and be well,

Bill Peeler