I wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone regarding the Broadway “Unnamed Creek” and how we are progressing.


On July 19, 2021, the Village of Fonda experienced flooding of homes and businesses along Broadway and Main Street that caused damage and extensive cleanup. The flooding resulted in the closure of Main Street and Broadway for some ten to twelve hours. I declared the State of Emergency and later an Emergency Order for mitigation steps available for immediate and temporary protection from further flooding.

On my order, the Street and Water Commissioner, with assistance from the Montgomery County Highway Department, performed emergency mitigation steps within the creek. The work performed assisted in controlling creek flows from additional extreme rains.

The same creek caused minor flooding again on Broadway, July 23, 2021, that resulted in the closure of Broadway and traffic alteration on Main Street.

Drainage Survey

Long-Term Mitigation

I am working with the Federal Government, New York State, Montgomery County, the Town of Mohawk, and our Village Officials to determine the long-term mitigation steps needed and funding sources required to protect our community from future events. The conversation started immediately after the flood and continues today.

On August 12, 2021, officials met with state representatives at the Village offices, where we identified potential funding sources and how we are approaching the mitigation needed.

A creek tour between me, representatives from Senator Hinchey’s office, Dave Soulia, Montgomery County, and Bill Holvig, Town of Mohawk, was completed to understand our needs better.

Actions include:
  • Location of Funding for Engineering Plans – we will place an RFP for engineering firms to submit their proposals.
  • Potentially we will seek assistance from various state divisions that have internal engineering departments such as NYS DOT.
  • Request to transfer remaining funding from the NY Rising Program from Montgomery County to the Village of Fonda as the lead municipality with the Town of Mohawk.
  • We seek additional funding from the Federal Government, USDA, and New York DEC to mitigate creeks.

Once we locate funding and plans confirmed, the Village will seek easements from property owners along Broadway, allowing initial entry for construction and future creek maintenance.

Goals of Our Actions

  • Protect the homes, businesses, and properties impacted by these floods
  • Slow the Runoff from higher terrains in the township
  • Disperse water runoff to alternative waterways to the Mohawk River
  • Increase flow capacity of the Midway Alley bridge, the Broadway and Main Street tunnels
  • Reinforce the embankments of the creek to protect the stream from collapse
  • Protect the rooting system along the banks of the stream to prevent embankment failure

I wish to thank everyone involved for their active participation in assisting our communities. All of the parties will meet again in about two weeks to review the progress made. I will continue to update you as we proceed.


Bill Peeler, Mayor