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The Village of Fonda has the Following Opportunities Available

All applicants for appointment by the Mayor or seeking employment opportunities must submit a Job Application. You may attach your resume for further consideration.

The completed application may be forwarded to the Village Clerk’s Office by email, postal mail or you may drop off your application during regular office hours.

Temporary Laborer Water Improvement Project


This Employee performs various manual labor tasks in the areas of water meter service. This position is a temporary position assisting the Village Water Department – if the Employee is interested and meets work performance standards, the Village may offer regular part-time employment on a permanent or seasonal basis.

The Employee will complete work as part of a Village Water Improvement Project collecting data on water meter systems within residential homes and commercial properties, inspecting systems’ conditions, and making minor low-voltage wire connections. The Employee may assist the Water Commissioner in replacing water meter components; performs related work as required. 

The Employee will accurately document and return an accurate collection of information to the Village Clerk. The Employee is under the immediate supervision of the Street and Water Commissioner.

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