Street & Water Department

Street & Water Department: 
Contact: Christopher Weaver
Address: 8 E Main St
Phone: 518-853-4335 ext 25
Fax: 518-853-4555

Water Department: 
Contact: Chris Ashbey or Christopher Weaver
Address: 8 E Main St
Phone: 518-853-4335 ext 25
Fax: 518-853-4555



The public works department is responsible for upkeep of the streets, parks, municipal building, and other infrastructure in the village.

The Department of Public Works maintains almost 3.2 miles of roadway within the Village. Each year, the Department attempts to pave certain streets, much dependent on the wear and tear of the street and the last time resurfacing was performed. The Department also maintains the storm drainage system.

During the winter, the Village plows, sands, and salts the streets as needed. The emphasis is placed on the hills on Cemetery St. and Center St. with the side streets to follow. No parking is allowed on Village streets from 2 am to 6 a.m. which helps in the snow removal effort. We ask our residents not to plow, shovel, or snowblow snow back into the streets. It is illegal under the State Vehicle and Traffic Law and it can create a hazardous condition.

Public Works also has the responsibility for maintaining Village park land. The Village also mows certain roadsides and the water works property

Hours of Operation:

6AM – 2:30PM, Monday – Friday; located behind Village Office.


Where can I find forms dealing with Village Water Services?

Most forms are available online….see the page at the left titled “Permits and Licenses”.  If you don’t find what you need, give us a call at 518-853-4335.

Frequently Asked Questions: Sewer Use (Sewer Department Questions and Answers)

Please visit our FAQ section to see answers to your questions.

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