St. Mary’s Healthcare of Amsterdam provides essential services to help adults and families face many different issues within their lives.

We all face crises’ within our lives and find times where it is difficult to cope – whether it is the impact of COVID or just daily challenges, we all need someone that we may count on to listen.

Here are some of the many services offered through S.M.H.A.

Mental Health Emergency Services

call 518.842-9111.

Inpatient Psychiatric Care


Adult Mental Health Clinic

(518) 841-7341.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

(518) 770-7827.

Mobile Geriatric Outreach Program

(518) 841-7462.

Case Management, Supportive Case Management, and Intensive Case Management Services

(518) 770-6875.

Family Care Program

(518) 770-6824.

Social Club Program (N.E.W. Frontiers)

(518)773-8727 or (518)841-3698.

You may also learn more on their website here.