We want to provide you a friendly reminder that construction is taking place on various streets and areas within the Village. Please adjust travel routes and arrange for deliveries accordingly.

North Center Street Areas

Currently, major construction is wrapping up on North Center Street. The construction company is “boxing” out the roadway in preparation for blacktopping the road. DELAYS AND PERIODIC ROAD CLOSURES may still occur in and around this area until the work is 100% complete.

Lower Prospect Street Areas

Construction on Lower Prospect Street will begin with temporary road closures and work that will require vehicles in the area to park off the roadway. Letters will go out to residents of this street, providing more information.

Putnam Avenue Areas

Construction crews will return to Putnam Avenue before blacktopping this street and during the paving phase of construction.

Jansen Street

Village DPW crews and construction crews will return to Jansen Street to complete storm drain, sanitary and limited water line work. Crews will blacktop and resurface this street once work completed. 

Daily Schedules of Construction

Monday Through Friday – Crews complete most work between the hours of 7 AM to 3 PM. You should anticipate time may begin as early as 6 AM and may go up to 5 PM or later, depending on the necessity of the work.

We understand that these long projects become taxing after time and can become nerve-racking. Please know, the work is necessary for the improvement of current services of significant infrastructure. At various Village areas, we are improving and replacing water lines, sewage lines, stormwater boxes, and stormwater lines. Work that is not prevalent in the Village but continues just the same includes: 

  • improvements to the water pressure entering the Village, 
  • water filtration at our Village Reservoir, 
  • improvements to the Water Storage Tanks North of the school
  • Waste treatment Improvements at the Fonda-Fultonville Joint Wastewater Facility. 

At the same work on the Waterfront Improvement Project Continues along with State improvements to the river bridge over the Mohawk River.

This fall, the DPW team will begin placing new seasonal banners along Main Street, followed by modern Winter Holiday Decorations.

Should you have any concerns or questions, please email or telephone the Chris Weaver, Street, and Water Commissioner. Contact Information.

On behalf of the Village DPW Department, the Mayor and Board of Trustees, we thank everyone for their patience and understanding.