Please join me in honoring the men and women serving their communities here locally and across the nation. We would be a lawless country if it were not for those people willing to stand up to shield and protect our community.

What is a Peace Officer

While the term can vary from state to state, the title “Peace Officer” is synonymous with law enforcement jobs. The term “Peace Officer” describes anyone who takes an oath to uphold the laws and act within their prescribed duties.
As an example, these men and women hold positions in law enforcement, corrections, court officers, probation & parole, college campuses, and other specialized offices responsible for upholding our laws – they are the peacekeepers within our communities.

As a tribute to those who have sacrificed themselves for the betterment of our way of life, I have ordered the lowering of all flags within the Village of Fonda to half staff.

Later this year, we will continue to honor our Peace Officers along with our Military, Firefighters, and Emergency Medical Services with a memorial wall and fountain erected in our Village Park. On July 9th we the official ceremonies will take place with our dedication.

Act of Kindness

I ask that everyone show their appreciation for our peace officers through an act of kindness on May 15th. Whatever you choose to do, let them know we appreciate the work they do for us.

On behalf of the Village of Fonda, Board of Trustees, and our Community Members, thank you for your service.

With Sincerest Regards,

Bill Peeler, Mayor – Village of Fonda

Peace Officers Memorial Day

Peace Officers Memorial Day is an annual remembrance of law enforcement officers who have died or who have been disabled in the line of duty. A Presidential proclamation in 2020 essentially sums up the motivation behind the day. From the text of that proclamation:

“On Peace Officers Memorial Day and during Police Week, we commend the brave men and women of our law enforcement community for continually summoning the courage to fulfill their solemn oath to protect and serve.”

Established in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy, Peace Officers Memorial Day, observed on May 15th as part of the tribute to the men and women of law enforcement known as National Police Week, which is recognized the week of May 15th.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, two hundred sixty-four (264) police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2020, representing a 96% increase compared to the previous year.

Approximately 246 of the fallen officers were men, and 18 were women, with an average age of 47 years old with at least 17 years of service on the job and on average. Each fallen officer left behind two children.

Year to Date Deaths in the United States – JAN 1 – MAY 14, 2021

This year the deaths of our men and women serving their communities have not slowed:

Total Fatalities 101

Firearms-related 23

Traffic-related 25

Other Causes 53