Snow Emergency Declaration Lifted. December 18th Noon.

Level II Snow Emergency Declared

A Level II Snow Emergency has been declared by Mayor Peeler effective 11:59 PM, December 16, 2020, until further notice. Please check back with this website for updates to this declaration or other announcements.

Caution and Safety

Temperatures are expected to drop to single digits within the next couple of days.

  • Please be careful of exposure when outside.
  • Please check on neighbors and others for their safety; particularly the elderly, those suffering from Paralysis, and homes with infants or small children.
  • Be cautious when removing snow by hand. Exhaustion, muscle strains, and dehydration are all concerns.
  • Have an AC powered and battery operated AM and FM radio for news and emergency updates.
  • If a threat to life or property, dial 911 – otherwise for non-emergency issues call 518.853.5500 for Emergency Dispatch

Understanding a Snow Emergency Declaration

Based on anticipated or actual sustained snowfall a Snow Emergency may be declared by the Mayor of the Village. Such declarations will provide the start date and time of the Snow Emergency and if possible when the Snow Emergency will end. The period of the Snow Emergency may be reduced or extended based on actual weather conditions. Snow Emergencies are issued based on three different levels, level 1 being the least severe to level 3 being the most severe. In all cases, Snow Emergencies are to maintain public safety and will only continue as long as necessary in making roadways safe. 

Level One Snow Emergency: Roadways are hazardous, and motorists should drive with extreme caution. During a Level One Snow Emergency, motorists may not park alongside streets or along roadways with signage prohibiting parking during a Snow Emergency. Vehicles may be fined or towed if they are not removed from village streets.

Level Two Snow Emergency: Driving is discouraged, and residents should call ahead before heading to work. Only necessary travel is recommended during a Level Two Snow Emergency. Schools and some businesses do not operate during a Level Two Snow Emergency. 

Level Three Snow Emergency: All public roadways are closed to the general public. Only authorized officials, public employees, police, medical, and emergency vehicles should be on the roads. Motorists can be fined or arrested if found driving on public roadways in a non-emergency situation. If a Level Three Snow Emergency is declared when students are at school or when a public building is open, attempts are made to provide provisions for those people affected.

Winter Storm Information

Winter Parking Restrictions

§ 155-12 Parking prohibited certain hours.

No person shall park a vehicle upon any of the streets or parts of streets between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 7:00 a.m., between November 1 and April 1, unless otherwise indicated.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the standard local law restricting parking on streets within the village during the periods provided.

Maintenance and Snow Removal

141-21 Removal required.

A.   No owner of real property within the Village of Fonda that has a sidewalk located between the property and the improved street margin shall allow said sidewalk to remain obstructed by snow for a period in excess of 24 hours after the accumulation occurs, whether the snow accumulation is by snowfall, wind, plowing, or any other means. The duty imposed on a property owner by this section to remove snow from the sidewalk shall apply irrespective of whether the sidewalk is located on the owner’s property boundary line or inside the street right-of-way.

School Information

Visit the Fonda-Fultonville Central School Website for School Delays and Cancellations.

From the National Weather

Weather Alerts-Fonda, NY Winter Storm Warning from WED 7:00 PM EST until THU 11:00 AM EST

Action Recommended
Make preparations per the instructions

Issued By
Albany – NY, US, National Weather Service

Affected Area
Montgomery, Schoharie, and Fulton Counties


WHAT…Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 7 to 14 inches.

WHERE…Montgomery, Schoharie, and Fulton Counties.

WHEN…tonight through 11 AM EST Thursday.

IMPACTS…Travel could be very difficult to impossible. The hazardous conditions will impact the morning commute.

ADDITIONAL DETAILS…The snow will be dry and fluffy. Snowfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour are possible at times tonight into Thursday morning.


If you must travel, keep an extra flashlight, food, and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.